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The Glengowan sale is going ahead as planned. A Covid Safe Plan will be in place for sale day Thursday 9 September. Under the terms of an exemption from the NSW Minister for Health buyers and agents are able to attend the sale.

All attendees are required to check-in using our QR code, wear face masks and to social distance.

A complementary morning tea and lunch will be served in accordance with our COVID Safe Plan.

The sale will also be conducted online with Auctions Plus so please register with them if you plan to bid online (see Auctions Plus button below) and make sure you are familiar with the process prior to sale day.

If you do plan to attend in person please pre-register here (or via the pre-register button below) or with our agent, Steve Mooney at Ray White Emms Mooney on (02) 6368 4611 or 0428 683 152.

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The annual Glengowan on-property Bull & Heifer sale will be held at Glengowan, 782 Moorilda Road, Newbridge on Thursday 9 September, commencing at 1 pm. On offer will be 110 quality commercial females and 20 bulls.

All bulls are registered, TACE recorded, vet-checked, semen tested, drenched and delivered FREE up to 200 km and to major centres. Inspections open at 10 am on sale day.

If you would like a catalogue posted to you please contact us.

For regular updates find us on Facebook  and Instagram

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110 top quality females. 50 unjoined heifers and 60 cows and calves.












Livestock sales exemption

The annual Glengowan on-property Bull & Heifer sale will be held at Glengowan, 782 Moorilda Road, Newbridge on Thursday 13 September, commencing at 1 pm. On offer will be 50 quality commercial females and 40 AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, PROFITABLE bulls.

All bulls are registered, breedplan recorded, vet-checked, semen tested, drenched and delivered FREE up to 200 km and to major centres. Inspections open at 10 am.

Take a break from the drought and enjoy a day out at Glengowan with FREE morning tea, BBQ lunch and afternoon tea. Check out the pre-sale video on this page, and if you would like a catalogue posted to you contact us through the website or email us

For regular updates find us on Facebook and Instagram

Deferred Payment Option

Due to the seasonal conditions we are offering buyers the option of paying 50% of the purchase price after the sale and 50% in December 2018. Please contact our agent Steve Mooney, EMMS MOONEY BLAYNEY 0428683152 for further details.


This year we are celebrating 60 years of breeding registered Angus at Glengowan and it has given us the opportunity to reflect upon our breeding objectives over the last six decades as well as looking towards the future. For us, it has always been about balance, consistency and depth of breeding and we think this is what you will see again at our 2017 sale.

Braveheart of Stern is one of NZ best-selling bulls we are offering progeny by one of his sons, Premier Braveheart H46. The H46 sons show typical Braveheart thickness with plenty of style, a good hindquarter and strong back. We also have bulls by our homebred sire Glengowan Carmichael C41 who has bred so well for us over the years. If you are looking for bulls to put some meat, muscle and grunt into your herd then these bulls will do the job. They represent great buying value and as always they have all been vet checked, semen tested, vaccinated, freeze branded and will be delivered free up to 200 kms with further discounts for volume buyers. A video of the sale bulls is available below, on Youtube and on our Facebook page.

We are also offering 50 unjoined females and 50 steers from our commercial program. This is a great opportunity to secure some quality Angus females for your herd. Of course pre-sale inspections are always welcome and please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss the bulls. A complimentary morning tea, BBQ lunch and drinks after the sale will be available at the Glengowan sale complex. We hope to see you here at Glengowan on Thursday 14 September.

For the sale lots online click here (opens in a new browser tab).

Download the full PDF catalogue here (opens in a new browser tab).

FRIDAY 1 AUGUST 2014 10 am to 5 pm

THICKER, STRONGER, QUIETER. Visit Glengowan on open day and discover the benefits of NZ genetics for your herd.

Our NZ bloodlines are not simply American genetics imported to Australia via NZ but true NZ cattle, tried and tested for many years in the tough conditions of the North and South islands by Angus breeders who have been in the industry for decades.Plenty of meat, stamina and good temperaments are vital and we consider these attributes paramount when we select a bull in NZ. His pedigree, structure, and disposition all have to be right so those aims can be achieved. Only one of those attributes is in any way reflected in EBVs so it is important we see each bull under consideration. This year we attended the East coast ward tour and it was fantastic to travel through some of NZ’s oldest, most established studs and hear from the owners how they manage their enterprises and what their plans are for the future.

On our Beef Week Day both the sale bulls and sale heifers will be on display prior to our 11 September sale as well as some stud cows and calves. We look forward to sharing some Angus talk and a steak or two with you on 1 August.

Glengowan is located at Moorilda on the Newbridge/Barry Road 15 kms from Blayney and 3 kms from Newbridge.

Photos from our recent visits to New Zealand for the World Angus Forum in 2013 and the ward tour in 2014:

Glengowan has participated in The land’s Southern Beef Week for the last five years and this year we will be throwing open the gate from 9 am to 5 pm on 2nd August. The main focus this year will be on the September sale bulls and heifers as well as some stud females. As always, morning and afternoon tea will be available as well as our BIG BEEF BBQ. Drop in and look over our breeding program and our Founded on Tradition, Focused on the Future memorabilia/ photo display and have a chat around the fire.

After a very tough sale last year and an even tougher start to the year for all farmers it is fair to think the Glengowan sale will offer excellent value in 2013. There is something for everyone this year as we will be offering approximately 45 bulls as well as 45 commercial heifers PTIC. Some of the bulls are sired by Stern Gladiator 768 and Kaharau Clarion 844. These will be the first Clarion sons offered in Australia and will represent a unique opportunity to acquire live animals carrying some of the top Angus genetics out of NZ.Other sires are Tangihau  672, Matauri 526, Glengowan C41, C20, C11 and C9. The bulls are in great condition heading into our coldest time so come along and have a look at our open day in August or any other time by appointment.


Are you on our mailing list? We have recently updated the list and this year catalogues will only be sent to people who have attended our Beef Week open days, the Glengowan sale or who have requested a catalogue in the past. If  you would like to be on the mailing list please either contact us through the website, put a note on our facebook page, phone us or send us a note by fax: 0263681150.

It was a flying trip to the east coast of NZ this year but essential for us as many bulls catalogued this year reflect our own breeding program. There were 13 Stern Gladiator 768 sons and 10 Kaharau Clarion 844 sons offered- both have progeny in our sale this year.We managed to fit in most of the sales, kicking off with the Ratanui offering at Matawhero. Mel and Nicky Story are our partners with Turiroa in Stern Gladiator 768 and they had a great sale clearing all bulls for an average of NZ $8060. The top price was $13000 for an outstanding Gladiator son. It was then onto to the Williams and Dowding family’s Kaharau which was also an excellent sale, averaging $8100.  The top price of NZ$52000 was paid for a bull by Kaharau Atlas. The next day it was Turihaua’s turn and they presented an expanded line up of 87 bulls. There were sons of most of the Turihaua sires including our favourite, Crumble as well as Texan, Foreman, Rex and Scrum. The highest price was $17000 for a bull by Black Emporer V78 which was sold to the Bayly family of Cricklewood.The next day was the always exciting Gisborne Combined sale. There was a terrific line up of bulls including a great line of sons of our Kaharau Clarion 844 from Cricklewood.  The winner of the Wonder Cup was lot 2 Tangihau G21 who was purchased by Ric Orr of Red Oak for $20000 but the highest price went to  a Clarion son, guaranteed to power up any program. He was purchased by Kaharau for $65000. Sadly we had to miss our friends, the Powdrell’s sale at Turiroa but their Gladiator sons sold for an average of $6616.

It was a very pleasing endorsement of our genetic investments over the last few years and invaluable to see how these sires’s progeny are performing in other herds.

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2013 is well underway and we have started preparations for the two major events for the year. The Glengowan Beef Week day is on FRIDAY 2 AUGUST and the GLENGOWAN SALE ON THURSDAY 19 SEPTEMBER.

This year at BEEF WEEK we will have the usual cross-section of cattle from the stud and our commercial herd which demonstrates the depth of our breeding program. The sale bulls will also be yarded for pre-sale inspection. We are very pleased with the progress of the sale bulls and are looking forward to presenting the progeny of some new generation NZ bulls for visitors. The sires we have used represent the finest NZ genetics we have sourced over the last few years. Each of these bulls will add meat and thickness to any program. Featured sires are Kaharau 844, Tangihau Clarion 672, Gladiator of Stern 768, Cricklewood 466, Tangihau 150 and 3 Turihaua Campbell sons.

As it has over the past two years the GLENGOWAN SALE will provide an excellent opportunity to secure bulls of top quality for great value. Complimentary Morning Tea, Lunch and afternoon tea will be provided at  both these events and we hope to see you there.

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The Blayney Public school celebrated 150 years in August 2008 and I compiled a book for the school to commemorate the occasion. The book was a much larger project than I ever imagined but it was immensely satisfying to see the finished product. I decided to write the history of the school in the context of how Blayney and the surrounding area developed through time and the book is full of historical facts and includes some wonderful photos of Blayney from the 1880s onward. If you are interested in the history of the Blayney area, Blayney Public School- a Pictorial History is available through the School or the Blayney Visitors Centre and the ABC shop, Bathurst with all proceeds going to the school.

St David’s Presbyterian Church Moorilda celebrates a milestone in 2011 so I am back to the Moorilda Project for the foreseeable future with a book about the church already underway. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has an association with St David’s who could contribute stories or photos for the book.

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On offer this year are sons of Tangihau 672 (leader for conception in the Angus Australia Bench-marking program), Glengowan Ulysses U122, Gladiator of Stern 0768,Glengowan Chisholm C17, Tangihau 150 and Te Mania Infinity. We personally source the best NZ genetics on offer each year and we are pleased this year’s lot of bulls show the attributes we are aiming for in our breeding program; excellent constitutions, moderate frames, sound structure and good growth. We also have always placed a great deal of importance upon our maternal strengths here and each sale bull has many generations of Glengowan breeding behind him. We hope you will join us at Glengowan on sale day for our Big Beef BBQ lunch and a chance to catch up with other breeders. Please contact us if you would like to receive a catalogue.

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The next day it was off to Turihaua to catch up with Hamish and Angela Williams. They too had a fantastic sale, clearing all of the 74 bulls offered and achieving an average of NZ$8734 with the highest price of $42,000 to the Bayly family, Cricklewood, Wairoa for Lot 4, a Turihaua Crumble son. The next morning was the Gisborne Combined sale featuring Kenhardt Angus,Cricklewood Angus, Bayly family and Tangihau Angus. It was at Tangihau our interest lay this year. We had inspected Tangihau 10-100 earlier and really appreciated his length, good head and jaw, strength, muscling and structural soundness. We feel he will add the right amount of size for us and we were delighted to purchase him in partnership with Rick and Andrew Powdrell from Turiroa for NZ$24000. The Powdrells rounded of an excellent run of sales by achieving the top price this year of NZ$72000 for Lot 5, a Turihaua Break D92 son to Oregon Angus, Masterton. We thought lot 7 was an excellent bull and he was purchased for $30,000 by Merchiston Angus and Atahua Angus combined . The Powdrella’s sale averaged a massive NZ$10,927. They are also our partners in the bull Stern 768 and his sons sold to an average of NZ$9087 at Turiroa which will make the 768 sons at the Glengowan sale excellent value! Down South, Roger Keech negotiated semen for us from lot 5 at Stern, a Braveheart of Stern son purchased by the Bayly family for the top price of $36,000. By all accounts he was the best bull on offer and will add positively to the Glengowan herd. So congratulations to all our NZ friends for excellent sale results. One observation we made chatting to people over the sale week was the looming stoush in NZ regarding EBVs. Far from being “unimportant” in NZ, which is an uninformed Australian perspective, the importance of EBVs and how much they should be the “official line” from industry groups was a hot topic in NZ. Every one we spoke to appreciated that EBVs have a significant role in the selection and marketing of bulls but they had very strong views on the direction NZ should take in regard to their prominence. Will the “NZ 100% figures” group listen to their most experienced cattle breeders and honestly evaluate the Aussie experience of EBVs which shows some of the best looking figures belong to some of the worst looking animals?.

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We were delighted to welcome Hamish Williams of the 106 year old Turihaua stud in New Zealand who visited Glengowan for the sale. Off the plane and straight onto a motorbike, Hamish was kept busy for his whole time here. Not only was he put to work all day with the boys he also kept up the Kiwi side admirably after hours in the face of three late nights in a row, all with different lots of guests with their own colourful perspectives on the All-Blacks. About 120 people attended the sale and the highest priced bull was sold to G and M Swift of Eugowra who purchased a Turihaua Crumble son, Glengowan Empire E66 for the top price of $8000. Another 30 bulls were sold for an average of $4100 and several more were sold immediately after the sale. We had expected a few to be passed in and have learnt a lesson in regard to sale weights which we will take on board for next year. However the top price and the average were both above what we hoped for so we were very pleased with the results for our first sale and glad several local buyers could leave with a good quality, affordable bull. Another huge thank you too to everyone who contributed to the first Glengowan bull sale, pre and post- All the buyers and bidders, Elders, Jim Maher, Andy McGeoch, John, Daryl, Kim, Cecily, Keith, Jasmine, Cassandra, Andrew, John, Doug and Hamish. We are heading to Melbourne in the last week of September then The Great Ocean Road and the Grampians for a bit of R and R. Then back to start working towards the 2012 sale!. Don’t forget to check out a couple of newspaper articles about the sale and you can also join us on FACEBOOK- Glengowan Angus.

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We unfortunately missed the first day of sales due to the volcanic ash cloud but made it to Turihaua where Hamish and Angela Williams achieved a 100% clearance, a top price of $41000 and a massive sale average of $ 9735 on the night-a magnificent result which must be an Australasian record.The next day at the Gisborne Combined sale all eyes were on lot 1,Cricklewood 399, sired by Atuhua TJ 141-05. This bull is really sound with a lot of stretch and thickness. He sold for NZ $18000 to Willie Phillips and we thank the owners for the opportunity to purchase some straws from what we think is a very good bull who will add some depth and length wherever he is used. At Turiroa that evening a massive storm raged outside and the entire sale complex was plunged into complete and utter darkness somewhere around lot 25. Unfazed, the auctioneer wore a fishing lamp on his head, a ute was parked in the doorway to shed some light on the ring and the sale carried on until the last lot, achieving an average of $7400. Highest price on the night was $21000 paid by Mel and Nicky Storey of Ratanui for Turiroa 09568, a son of the highly regarded Turihua Digger. We were pleased the Storeys agreed to sell us some straws from him as he is a very thick bull and we believe he will be an excellent all-rounder.