Welcome To Glengowan

Located near the historic village of Newbridge in the central west of New South Wales Glengowan has been in the Gordon family since 1858. From undulating hills to creek flats the property runs over 2000 commercial Angus females as well as a stud herd of 350 females. The commercial herd of pure Angus was established by Joseph Bathurst Gordon in 1931 followed by the Glengowan Angus stud, established by his son, Stuart Gordon in 1957. Today, Glengowan and the Glengowan Angus stud are owned and managed by Richard Retallack and Stuart’s daughter Sandra.

Over the last 50 years Glengowan has built up a solid reputation in the show ring at the highest levels, in carcase competitions and in the sale yards. The traits which bought many accolades in the past are those we remain focused on for the future. Our breeding program continues to emphasise these attributes which were originally the hallmarks of the Angus breed; fertility, ease of calving, mothering ability, excellent temperaments and the structure and composition to thrive under any conditions.

Our aim has been not to follow trends or chase figures but to build upon and enhance the solid breeding foundation we already have. The bloodlines at Glengowan today are the product of experienced and commercially minded cattlemen who really understood the nuances of stud breeding and never wavered from their goals. Every Glengowan sale bull we offer is backed by over five decades of consistent, considered breeding.

Glengowan bulls have the advantage of being unique in Australia. Read about The Glengowan difference here.