The Glengowan Difference

The difference is genetic.

Image_Difference is geneticGlengowan genetics are unique in Australia because Glengowan cows have little or no USA genetics (and what we do have is being progressively removed). Our herd is therefore not subject to many of the problems, defects and uncertainties which come to us from the overuse of American bloodlines and we provide an excellent alternative to those bloodlines. Glengowan has always been at the forefront of using New Zealand genetics in Australia and since the late 1970’s we have imported many top NZ sires. Glengowan sires continue to be sourced from NZ and we travel there every year to personally select the finest genetics available for Glengowan. The progeny of the bulls we have invested in to date are very consistent with excellent constitutions, moderate frames, sound structure and a good amount of growth. They are outstanding at converting grass to beef (net feed Intake) and this is being increasingly recognized as a vital trait for any cattle enterprise’s bottom line. All Glengowan bulls will add proven outcross genetics to any program.

The difference is maternal.

Image_Difference is maternalThe Glengowan herd was founded over fifty years ago and every Glengowan sale bull has behind him an exceptionally consistent, strong maternal heritage which is rare in the breed today.  Many Angus studs in Australia are less than ten years old and do not have the balance and dependability of the breeding found here.  A lot use ET and AI from unseen bulls in catalogues, not only for so called ‘genetic advancement’  but also to increase cow numbers rapidly. Obviously there are many key attributes which cannot be judged from a catalogue. These include structure, temperament and movement. Breeding by numbers (EBVs) and breeding for numbers often results in cattle with unpredictable temperaments and lack of constitution. At Glengowan this does not happen as there are five decades of assessment and selection behind every animal. Every attribute is assessed and every animal is treated as an individual. If it does not perform, it does not stay. Breedplan cannot do this as EBVs do not describe the performance of the individual animal you are assessing but rather the potential of the next generation.

At Glengowan we continue to dispute the accuracy of EBVs in reporting our herd. What Breedplan says about Glengowan cattle is totally unsubstantiated by anything we see in the paddock and any feedback we receive from our clients. We use NZ sires and they have few linkages to the figure producing bulls from the northern hemisphere so we will never have the figures which so many studs today have built their reputations upon. We believe anyone can breed cattle with good figures but not everyone can breed good cattle. It takes years to create a quiet, strong, consistent, proven line of cattle. A hot key to Breedplan, a mail order catalogue and a few rounds of ET do not create bulls with genetics you can trust.

The difference is commercial.

Glengowan Angus 039We don’t just have stud cattle. Our breeding program is constantly tested and evaluated within our own 2000 strong commercial herd. We consider it is vital to know first-hand how your bulls will perform under paddock conditions. Our Blayney environment is a challenging one and all the cattle have to show stamina and produce good calves, whether it is in 40 degree heat or foot deep snow. A selection of stud bulls from each drop as well as most of the older stud sires make their way into the commercial herd and all have to perform in a purely commercial environment. If the bulls we breed in the stud don’t produce superior replacement heifers or the caliber of steers we expect to put into the sale yards then we would quickly realize we are on the wrong track. Our performance indicators are simple; ease of calving, weight, longevity and a good price at the end of the day.

These differences set Glengowan apart from every other stud in Australia and they are the basis for all we do. The benefits and advantages are passed along to everyone who buys a Glengowan bull.