Breeding Philosophy

Founded On Tradition

The 1970s and 1980s saw the influence of American genetics beginning to impact on Australian Angus herds. Although Stuart could see some advantages in terms of weight and height, he was determined to keep balance in his cattle and not be swayed by the rush to massive size which later adversely affected many studs.

He remained less than impressed by the appearance and structure of most of the American bulls, believing that in due course the integrity of the Angus breed would suffer if their genetics became too widespread in Australia. It was Stuart’s decision at this time to look to New Zealand for stud Sires which ultimately set the foundation for the Glengowan stud as it is today.

His experience in New Zealand confirmed that he could achieve the weight performance and marbling that the Australian markets demanded without compromising his ideals of structure and constitution.

Focused On The Future

Stuart was forced to retire from active work in 2000 due to failing eyesight and in 2005 his daughter Sandra and her husband Richard Retallack took over the ownership of the Glengowan stud.

Today, as a result of Stuart’s philosophy, the Glengowan herd has some of the best New Zealand genetics on offer including: Hingaia, Turihaua, Tangihau, Rangatira, Sturn, NZ Fossil Creek Ranger, NZ Burke 22 of Turiroa Stern  and Cricklewood. Recently used New Zealand sires include: Te Mania Infinity, Kaharau 844, Tangihau 672, Turihaua Crumble, Cricklewood 466, Springdale Herco 600, Matauri 526 Cricklewood 399, Tangihau 10-100, Stern 768 and Highlander of Stern.

Richard and Sandra plan to keep the stud evolving by introducing new N.Z sires and embryos each year. They aim to provide breeders with a practical alternative to the prevailing American bloodlines while continuing to produce cattle that demonstrate a true balance of type and performance, best suited to the Australian market.